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The first step is to make your wish list. Put together any pictures or articles you might have showing styles, colors and designs you like. Take basic measurements of the area you will be working in and the placement of the current appliances, sinks, etc. See our measuring how-to guide for helpful hints.

Then stop in to Kitchen and Bath Unlimited to browse our showroom and consult with our kitchen and bathroom design specialists. Visit us on Houzz and check out our social media pages for design inspiration.

Kitchen and Bath Unlimited offers a variety of ways to pay for your project. We accept most major credit cards, checks, or cash.

Anyone can be overwhelmed by the many choices available. Go back to the basics – the original wish list – and add new ideas that you like and eliminate ideas that you have decided against. Your Kitchen & Bath Unlimited design specialist will be happy to guide you every step of the way.

Keep or replace? That is a decision that you will have to make. It is important to let your designer know the actual size of the appliances that you currently have or will be purchasing as these dimensions will impact the placement of cabinetry. If you’re considering replacing your appliances, let your designer know, Kitchen and Bath Unlimited offers a full line of appliances for your shopping convenience.

There are several key differences between the types of cabinets. Identifying your needs and what style you’re looking for is important in determining which type of cabinet is right for you.

Does one type of cabinet offer the door style you’re looking for? Does a cabinet type offer the finish or wood species that you like? What additional features are you looking to add to your kitchen? These are just a few of the questions to answer before making your decision.

Talk to one of the Kitchen and Bath design specialists, and use this cabinet guide to help you narrow your selection:

Kitchen and Bath Unlimited’s stock cabinet line features limited door styles with a few paint and stain colors available on Maple. Our stock line features all plywood construction standard, and dovetailed soft close drawers on 3 or 4 of the styles. The spec book features the most popular sizes and configurations, and with a lead time of about 1 week, they can be delivered much more quickly than traditional semi-custom cabinetry

Most of the projects we do utilize semi-custom cabinetry options. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are designed in a manner that allows for the modification in both dimension and configuration which enhances the opportunity for great customization and makes semi-custom cabinetry a popular choice. They also offer more door styles, accessory options, cabinet types, and finishes than a stock cabinet line. The semi-custom kitchen cabinet lines offer many more door styles, wood species, and wood finishes including custom paint options which can be mixed and matched in thousands of door style and finish combinations.

Custom cabinets can be hand designed to meet any need or desire you have. The custom kitchen cabinet lines carried by Kitchen and Bath Unlimited offer a large variety of sizes, configurations and designs. Custom cabinets can also be constructed to almost any size or requirement you have.
The custom cabinet line at Kitchen and Bath Unlimited offers the most door styles, wood species and finishes, including custom matched stain, paint, and door styles as well as exotic wood species options.

We have a wide selection of countertop styles and materials to choose from. It is a good idea to make your countertop selection when you make your cabinetry selection. That way we can coordinate the installation of the countertop with the arrival of the cabinetry.

Your countertop should be both functional and beautiful, and there are many different material options available to achieve this. We carry all of the most popular options from high end quartz and granites to more budget friendly laminates, as well as the more unexpected options such as Dekton composite and natural butcher’s block. Our designers are more than happy to work with you to determine your needs in terms of both functionality and style.

Your preference, lifestyle and budget are all important factors when considering which countertop is best for your home. Our knowledgeable design staff will work with you to determine the best fit for your needs. There are many different styles of countertops and materials from which they are made. For example, we carry countertop lines in quartz, granite, marble, solid surfaces, and laminate.

Bathroom countertops are a place where beauty and practicality can coexist. But in concrete? Or limestone? What about stainless steel?

As it turns out, these are just a few of the materials available to remodelers and home builders striving for a stylish and functional countertop. Others include granite, marble, and engineered quartz. We recently tested nine countertop materials for how well they resisted stains, scratches, heat and impacts. We also evaluated them for appearance and price – all to help you match the look you want with the strengths you need.

Here’s some of what we found:

One of the most popular materials these days, quartz provides unparalleled resistance to scratches and stains and can stand up to the heat of a hot pan. Quartz is made from 93% natural quartz and 7% color and binders and provides a pore free surface which means, it never needs to be sealed! Colors tend to be consistent and uniform in pattern, however some higher end brands have offerings that mimic the movement of natural stone.

A classic and elegant choice, granite has been and will continue to be a design mainstay. Granite is comparable to quartz in terms of durability, however it is naturally porous and lighter colors can be prone to staining. To prevent stains, it is recommended that the material is sealed every 10 years or so. The sealing process is quick and easy and sealant is available at most home centers. Because granite is an all-natural product, it is prone to variation from slab to slab and may feature bold coloring, veining and graining which can vary significantly between and within pieces. If you are looking for a statement island topper, granite is for you!

Laminate is typically the most budget friendly material available. While not quite as durable as stone materials, laminate has been around for almost 100 years and is still used in many kitchen and bath projects today. There are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from including patterns that mimic natural stone, butcher’s block, metallic textures, as well as designer prints. Laminate is a great option for those who are budget conscious yet don’t want to sacrifice style.

True to its name, stainless steel resists most spills. But drain cleaners and hard-water-deposit removers can discolor it, while fingerprints, scratches and dents are easy to see. And the high-tech look doesn’t come cheap.

Solid surface material is a man-made plastics based material. It is waterproof and seamless and although it may scratch, it is easily repaired. Colors range from solid and consistent to swirled and random, however the more varied the color, the higher the price. Granite and quartz are typically more durable options, however solid surfaces are still a popular choice, especially in baths where the option for an integrated sink makes cleaning a breeze.

Marble is a natural stone and offers a classic and timeless look. It tends to be a bit softer and more porous than granite and typically requires more upkeep with regular sealing. There are many quartz patterns that aim to replicate the look of natural marble, however for a truly bold look ,you’ll want to go with the real deal.

Our showroom shows a variety of fixtures from trusted major brands such as Kohler, American Standard, Delta, Moen, and many more. Stop in today to meet with a design specialist to see what your options are. From switching out a lavatory faucet, to designing a custom shower, we offer design solutions for projects big and small.

Every remodel is different, but there are some things that you can plan for.

The basic installation process includes these steps:

Step 1: Your old kitchen or bathroom will be torn out.
Step 2: New electrical, if required, is installed.
Step 3: New plumbing, if required, is installed.
Step 4: The walls are repaired and prepped for paint.
Step 5: The cabinets or bathroom fixtures are installed.
Step 6: The trim for the cabinets or bathroom fixtures is installed.
Step 7: For kitchen remodels, the countertop is fabricated or cut to size and installed.
Step 8: The final plumbing is connected and your kitchen or bathroom is functioning once again.
Step 9: The new floor is installed, where applicable.

Estimated time for arrival is approximately four to six weeks. This will vary among manufacturers. When you are making your selections, your designer will let you know what type of time frame you can expect.

I have questions that I would like answered, how can I contact you?
We’d love to hear from you. Our professional kitchen and bath designers are here to help. Please send us an email or call us at (716) 681-6691.